Portable Diesel, Solar and Electric Rental Generator Services in Sterling Heights

At Michigan Generator Rentals we pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, responsibility and commitment to offering you the very best backup power generation equipment. Our team are skilled technicians who will not only deliver your rental unit(s), we place and install your generator(s) at your business or project location of choice so you don’t have to worry about carrying the load yourself through traffic or dealing with complex installation requirements.

Our units come in various shapes and sizes for any type of electrical-related need. Rental options we currently provide include:

Commercial and Festival Generator Rentals

it’s tough to complete a construction job when you’re toes are freezing, or you lack sufficient power to use the tools necessary to perform your job. Our modern, high-quality equipment and materials will keep you and your crew working efficiency. Also, we do entertainment events such as festivals, stage shows, block parties, outdoor events, fairs, corporate functions, beaches and more.

For more information about our quiet and portable diesel, solar and electric generators for rent in Sterling Heights, MI, call us today or click the link below to fill out your contact details (safe and secure) to inquire about our services.

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