Portable Diesel, Solar and Electric Rental Generator Services in Southfield

Our generators are available to the public in various sizes from 1 kilowatt to 5 megawatts of power, and can cater to any size project or budget.

Whether your sponsoring an upcoming beer festival, hosting a music event, or leading a construction project in the surrounding area, Michigan Rental Generators can comprise the perfect power solution for you. Our company ensures power is always sufficiently running through your home, business, or event. Our professional equipment operators overlook the system, and prevent interruptions. You’ll have all the power you need to keep the music going, vendors serving, and more importantly, your customers happy. Rental options we currently provide include:

Residential Generator Rentals

If you’ve ever tried renting a portable power generator AFTER a major storm knocked out the power in an entire neighborhood, you would know it’s near impossible to get one when demand is high and prices rise to meet demand. We strongly advise consulting with us for a ‘first right of refusal’ contract in the event of a major storm so a unit is on standby for any potential emergency.

Commercial and Festival Generator Rentals

Southfield, MI loves to party, and we’re prepared to make it possible for your next event! Outdoor events like carnivals, festivals, political rallies and the like rely on electrical power for everything from rides and food vendors to stages and live musical performances. Our generators are also large enough to support major construction, industrial and other commercial related work so you’re always operating at full capacity.

For more information about our quiet and portable diesel, solar and electric generators for rent in Southfield, MI, call us today or click the link below to fill out your contact details (safe and secure) to inquire about our services.

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