Portable Diesel, Solar and Electric Rental Generator Services in Bloomfield Hills

At Michigan Generator Rentals we know that when it comes down to your project running smoothly as planned, time is money and ‘down days’ are simply unacceptable due to a lack of sufficient power. For those days when power is ‘lacking’ in areas where needed, that’s where we step in like Supermen to save the day (or in your case, a home, business or key event) and are able to deliver our portable generators to any of your projects within 24 hours.¬†Rental options we currently offer include the following:

Commercial and Festival Generator Rentals

We specialize in commercial, industrial and event related back-up and emergency power sources in the city of Bloomfield Hills. Our mobile generator services are available for rent from small private events to major construction projects. Everyday we dispatch generators from our base location¬†and are able to meet the requirements you have in your city. Much of the heavy lifting is done by us so you don’t have to lift a finger.

For more information about our quiet and portable diesel, solar and electric generators for rent in Bloomfield Hills, MI, call us or click the link below to fill out your contact details (safe and secure) to inquire about our services.

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