Portable Mobile Commercial Industrial Rental Power Generators

Our company offers a diverse line of commercial and industrial generators to keep business running normally regardless of unexpected external circumstances that takes place outside of your control.

You can count on us to properly size your power generator equipment rental for rent while still within or under budget.

Our customers vouch for our comparatively low generator rental prices throughout Michigan and continue coming back to us because of our better deals and superior customer service compared to our competitors.

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In a critical field sector such as healthcare, power failures are not only unacceptable, it can make the difference between life support and death if power shuts off a breathing machine, cuts off power during a heart transplant operation, or makes communicating to the hospital from an ER truck near impossible.

For these reasons, it is absolutely *critical* your hospital has a standby power back-up solution to protect your patients interests.



Research facility operations are expensive and a single power outage could wipe out entire caches of valuable data. Our quiet portable propane generators protects higher learning institutions from such an event.

Manufacturing and Warehouse

Manufacturing plants earn revenue based on speed and production. In the event power fails, not only will it put the manufacturer at heavy losses, especially if employees are union covered, it will set you back behind schedule. Our power generators will ensure business continues per usual while simultaneously having the main supply source repaired with little to zero downtime.

Let Platinum Power Generator Rentals protect your business.


Police, fire and 911 call centers are extremely vital in local, county and state. Institutions such as correctional, sewage and water simply can’t afford downtime and must always be on call 24/7 for public safety.

Let Platinum Power Generator Rentals help protect your community.

Office and Banking

There are few manual records kept today because most sensitive data is stored and protected on secured servers. If power suddenly goes out you leave sensitive data exposed to corruption and/or hackers waiting for opportunity. You can prevent this with our standby power supply from Platinum Power Generator Rentals.


Whether you’re a representative in Government, High-ranking executive of a car manufacturing plant or General Manager at a banking office, we have the best modern and reliable generator(s) you need at speed.

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